Steph Johnson Zawadzki, MS

Steph Johnson Zawadzki, MS

PhD Candidate
+31 50 3636614

Grote Kruisstraat 2/1
9712 TS Groningen
the Netherlands

Room 468

Summary of work:

My current research focuses on patterns of long-term environmental behavior. Our transdisciplinary research team is working to identify ways to empower energy consumers in energy transitions, and thereby increase the resilience of integrated energy systems.

Incentives and algorithms for efficient, reliable, sustainable and socially acceptable energy system integration

This project explores how to realize efficient, reliable, sustainable and socially acceptable energy systems integration. We integrate macro (i.e., engineering/technical) and micro (i.e., psychological/social) perspectives and examine how to synergize infrastructure for gas, electricity and heat, as well as identify ways to promote efficient individual and household use of such energy systems. We examine which financial and social end-user incentives are acceptable and effective to match energy demand to the local fluctuating supply of various renewable energy sources to efficiently use the local capacity of the grid.


Supervision of bachelor and honors bachelor theses

Integrating research findings across disciplines

Scientific Publications

Zawadzki, S. J., Mainzer, S., McLaughlin, R. A., & Luloff, A. E. (2017). Close, but not too close: Landmarks and their influence on housing values. Land Use Policy62, 351-360. (pdf link)

Zawadzki, S. J., Schwartz, F., Larson, E., Blair, J. C. E., and Newton, J. N. (2016) Understanding Recycling while Tailgating: Applying an Information-Motives-Behavior Skills (IMB) Approach. In Leal Filho, W. and Zint, M. (Eds.), The Contribution of Social Sciences to Sustainable Development at Universities. Zurich, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. (pdf link)

Swim, J. K., Zawadzki, S. J., Cundiff, J. L., and Lord, B. (2014). Environmental identity and community support for preservation of open space. Human Ecology Review, 20. (pdf link)

Swim, J. K., Geiger, N., & Zawadzki, S. J. (2014). Psychology and energy use policies. Policy Insights from Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 1(1), 180-188. (pdf link)

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Zawadzki, T. J., Zawadzki, S. J., & Cisowski, M. A. (in press). How to deal with reality when we’re not built to. In B. Krajewski & J. Heter (Eds.) The Man in the High Castle and Philosophy: Subversive Reports from Another Reality. Chicago, IL, USA: Carus Publishing Company. (pdf link)

Zawadzki, S. J., Bouman, T., Steg, L., & Druen, P. B. (2017, June). How climate change skeptical leaders may “Trump” supporters’ pro-environmental engagement. Poster presented at Winds of Change, Appingedam, Netherlands. (link)

Kowalska, K., Krawczak A., Marczyńska-Goldstein, E., Paprota K., & Samolińska, J. (Eds.; 2016) RAZEM: Charter on Reproductive Rights. Translated into English by T. J. Zawadzki, A. D. Leszczyńska, S. J. Zawadzki, & M. A. Cisowski for the RAZEM National Council. (pdf link)


  • Kurt Lewin Institute (website)
  • APA Div. 34: Society for Environmental, Population, and Conservation Psychology (website)

Newsletter editor for the Virtual Community on Sustainability and Consumption (website)