Irene Maltagliati, MSc

Irene Maltagliati, MSc

PhD student +31 50 363XXXX Grote Kruisstraat 2/1 9712 TS Groningen the Netherlands Room 481

Summary of work:

My research focuses on how individual and institutional factors influence public evaluations of gas.

Responsible decision-making on gas

The use and production of natural gas is causing controversies, as reflected in debates about the earthquakes in the province of Groningen in the Netherlands, gas production activities at vulnerable locations, shale gas, imports from Russia, and its fossil nature. At the same time, some advocate that gas can play an important role in the sustainable energy transition and new developments are being introduced in the gas sector, such as green gas and power-to-gas. It is a societal and ethical challenge to determine what role, if any, gas can play in the (future) energy system. Environemntal psychologists at the RUG and political scientists and philosophers at the Delft University of Technology work together in this project. The project will provide insights for responsible decisions about what role, if any, different gas concepts should play in future energy systems.

Designing Intervention (Master Environmental Psychology)

Research Methods (Bacherol Psychology)

Scientific Publications


Conference Material

Ross, V., Jongen, E., Vanvuchelen, M., Brijs, K., Vanroelen, G., Maltagliati, I., Brijs, T., Beelen, C., & Wets, G. (2016) The relation between executive functioning and driving errors in a sample of young novice drivers with an autism spectrum disorderIn: Theory * Practice = Innovation², Antwerp, Belgium, 16th May 2016. [Presentation – cat: C2] Ross, V., Jongen, E., Vanvuchelen, M., Brijs, K., Vanroelen, G., Maltagliati, I., Brijs, T., & Wets, G. (2016) Using the context: Hazard perception skills in young novice drivers with an autism spectrum disorderIn: Autism Research Workshop, Marguerite-Marie Delacroix Foundation, Ghent, Belgium, 10-13 March 2016. [Presentation – cat: C2]