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The University of Groningen is looking for assistant professors in Psychology as part of an investment programme directed at intensifying and innovating teaching, especially in the bachelor Psychology. To this end, the University of Groningen intends to appoint a total of eight assistant professors with a special interest in teaching, but also with an excellent record in research. Positions are open in all fields of psychology, but we strive to hire assistant professors with teaching and research experience that fits into our expertise groups; one of these expertise groups is environmental psychology. A link with the university’s core thematic research foci, Energy, Sustainable Society or Healthy aging, is welcomed.

More information can be found at:
If you are interested in these exciting positions, you can apply via the website. We would particularly welcome applicants who would like to join the environmental psychology expertise group. If you apply for this position and would like to join the environmental psychology group, please let us know via