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Leonie Vrieling, MSc

Leonie Vrieling, MSc

PhD candidate
+31 50 363 6515

Grote Kruisstraat 2/1
9712 TS Groningen
the Netherlands

Room H.0409

My research focuses on public acceptability of energy sources, systems, and policies. I study key factors and processes that influence people evaluations of various aspects of energy sources. I am especially interested in influencing public perceptions of risks associated with possible energy developments  and its relationship with acceptability of these energy developments.

Public acceptability of a sustainable energy transition

The aim of this research project is to build and test theories on which factors and processes underlie acceptability of changes to realise a sustainable energy transition. This project zooms in on what drives public acceptability of sustainable energy transitions, including energy sources and technology, changes in energy-related behaviours, and energy policies.


Supervision of theses

Individual Courses
Academic Skills (first year psychology bachelor course). Teaching and supervising a group of first year students.
Designing Interventions (master course Social Psychology).

Perlaviciute, G., Steg, E., Hoekstra, E., & Vrieling, L. (2017). Perceived risks, emotions, and policy preferences: A longitudinal survey among the local population on gas quakes in the Netherlands. Energy Research & Social Science, 29, 1-11.