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This project aims to develop and test innovative smart grid concepts that will promote the smart use of locally produced solar power and speed up the transition to sustainable renewable energy systems. We aim to facilitate households to manage their energy demand and supply as to optimise the use of locally generated solar power, which will ultimately reduce CO2 emissions. The project is funded by the municipalities of Utrecht and Amersfoort, and the province of Utrecht, and conducted by a large multidisciplinary team in which business organisations, consultants as well as scientists collaborate. For more information:

Researchers involved: Marko Milovanovic MSc., prof. dr. Linda Steg, prof. dr. Russell Spears
In collaboration with: dr. Wilfried van Sark (Utrecht University), Economic Board Utrecht, Capgemini, DNV-GL, Ecofys, Eemflow Energy, Hogeschool Utrecht, Icasus, LomboXnet, Stedin, Universiteit Utrecht, Utrecht Sustainability Institute