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This project aims to study which factors affect public support for a sustainable energy transition, including the acceptability of energy sources, sustainable energy technologies, energy infrastructures (including smart grids, and energy policies). We will study the role of individual factors (such as values, familiarity, knowledge) and contextual factors (including characteristics of energy sources, technologies, infrastructure, policies), as well as the role of fairness, justice, and compensation strategies. The project is funded by the Green Deal, a public-private partnership.

Researchers involved: dr. Nadja Contzen, Elisabeth Hoekstra MSc., dr. Goda Perlaviciute, Elliot Sharpe MSc., Leonie Vrieling MSc. and prof. dr. Linda Steg
In collaboration with: prof. dr. Tobias Brosch (University of Geneva), prof. dr. Patrick Devine-Wright (University of Exeter), dr. Cecilia Jakobsson Bergstad (University of Gothenburg), prof. dr. Nick Pidgeon (Cardiff University), prof. dr. Wouter Poortinga (Cardiff University), prof. dr. Michael Siegrist (ETH Zurich), dr. Bernadette Sütterlin (ETH Zurich), dr. Vivianne Visschers (ETH Zurich).