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This project aims to study how individual factors, such as perceived costs and benefits and moral motivations, and contextual factors, such as characteristics of waste collection systems, affect recycling behaivour. The project is part of a large multidisciplinary project on sustainable packages. The project is funded by TI Food and Nutrition.

Researchers involved: Josefine Geiger MSc, dr. Ellen van der Werff, dr. Berfu Ünal, prof. dr. Linda Steg
In collaboration with: TIFN, Kennisinstituut Duurzaam Verpacken, prof. dr. Hans van Trijp, Ir. Marieke Brouwer, Nigel Steenis MSc, prof. dr. Ulphard Thoden van Velzen, dr. Erica van Herpen, dr. Ivo van der Lans (Wageningen University), Bjorn de Koeijer MSc., dr. Maaike Mulder-Nijkamp, prof. dr. Jörg Henseler, (UTwente), dr. Tom Lighart (TNO), prof. dr. Renee Wever (Linköping University), Nicolas Go MSc. (University of Aachen)

Duration: 2015 – 2019