Main results

In 2017, the MatchIT project was funded by NWO (final approval in March) and SWEA (final approval in July) under the ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus programme. Since September 2017, 4 postdoctoral researchers are working on the project.

Because the project consists of an interdisciplinary framework, the first phase of the project mainly focused on knowledge transfer between partners. Moreover, we have attended and presented, and will attend and present in the near future, our work at the following events:

  • ERA-Net SG+ Annual project event, May 2017
  • International Conference on Environmental Psychology (ICEP), August, 2017
  • European Utility Week, October 2017
  • International Energy Agency, Experts’ Group on R&D Priority Setting and Evaluation, October 2017
  • IPCC Cities & Climate Conference, May 2018
  • ERA-Net SG+ knowledge community event, June 2018
  • International Conference on Applied Psychology (ICAP), July 2018

Scientific publications:

Bouman, T., Steg, L., & Kiers, H. A. L. (2018). Measuring Values in Environmental Research: A Test of an Environmental Portrait Value QuestionnaireFrontiers in Psychology9, [564]. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2018.00564

Jans, L., Bouman, T., & Fielding, K. (2018). A part of the energy “In crowd”: Changing people’s energy behavior via group-based approachesIEEE Power and Energy Magazine16(1), 35-41. DOI: 10.1109/MPE.2017.2759883