A Transnational Joint Programming Platform to Initiate Co-Creation and Promote Energy System Innovation

We are a network of owners and managers of national and regional public funding programs in the field of research, technical development and demonstration. With ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems we provide a sustainable and service-oriented joint programming platform to finance transnational RDD projects, developing technologies and solutions in thematic areas like smart power grids, regional and local energy systems, heating and cooling networks, digital energy and smart services, etc.
Together with our associated partners we provide an innovation eco-system, building bridges in the whole innovation chain. Co-creating with partners that help to understand the needs of customers, communities and regions, we team up with intermediaries that support building consortia for research, innovation, technical development, piloting and demonstration actions, while at the same time establishing co-operations that can pave the way towards implementation in real-life environments and market introduction.
ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems provides a substantial contribution to turn the implementation plan of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) Action 4 „Increase the resilience and security of the energy system” into action.

ERA-Net SES Focus Initiative Smart Grids Plus (SG+)

ERA-Net SES Focus Initiative Smart Grids Plus (SG+) wants to further the development and integration of smart grids system-technologies, stakeholder adoption and market processes to help Europe make progress towards achieving its short-term 2020, medium-term 2035 and long-term 2050 energy targets. It promotes applied research, piloting and demonstration in the field of smart grids, with a focus on validation, scaling-up and replication. SG+ projects integrate the three layers “technology”, “marketplace” and “adoption”, aiming for solutions meeting medium technology readiness levels (TRL 5-6 to TRL 6-7).