LOCAW aims to advance our understanding of the drivers of and barriers to sustainable lifestyles by an integrative investigation of the determinants of everyday practices and behaviours within large scale organisations. We will study which societal, organisational and individual factors affect environmental behaviour at the workplace, and the relationship between environmental behaviours at work and at home.

LOCAW will examine large organizations in the public as well as the private sector, including light as well as heavy industry. The research will be undertaken in six countries: Italy, Romania, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and the UK. The research will be undertaken by a multidisciplinary team working in the areas of psychology, sociology, geography, business studies, and artificial intelligence. LOCAW is funded by the European Union FP7 Programme. The total budget for this project add up to € 1,9 million. For more information: http://www.locaw-fp7.com/

Researchers involved: Angela Ruepert MSc, dr. Kees Kezier, prof. dr. Linda Steg
In collaboration with: Prof. Dr. Ricardo García Mira, Prof. dr. Nora Räthzel, dr. Corina Ilin, Prof, dr. David Uzzell, dr. Nick Gotts, Prof. Dr. Mirilia Bonnes & Gemeente Groningen

Duration: February 2012 – December 2013