About Environmental Psychology at the University of Groningen

The environmental psychology groupā€˜s mission is to understand human responses to environmental risks, such as climate change. The research aims to understand:

  1. which factors influence behaviour causing environmental risks,
  2. which factors promote adaptation to environmental risks, such as climate change,
  3. the effects of interventions aimed to encourage risk mitigation and adaptation behaviour, and factors influencing intervention effects,
  4. the acceptability of environmental policies, technology and system changes, and factors influencing such acceptability judgements,
  5. the relationship between environmental behaviour and quality of life.

A wide range of factors is included, including individual, social, institutional, cultural, technological, and situational factors. The Environmental Psychology Group has extensive collaborations with scholars from many different disciplines within physical sciences, humanities, and social sciences. These include Sociology, Marketing, Economics, Geography, Spatial Sciences, Philosophy, Arts, Innovation Sciences, Law, Natural Sciences, Engineering, and Computer Sciences.